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The Institute has its own five storied building premise spread over an area of 80,000 sq. ft.  housing all its departments under one roof.

It is well equipped with its own in-house resources. All testing activities related to designing, composing, printing, assembly, etc. are carried out in-house. The Institute is equipped with robust security and vigilance systems to limit any possibility of breach in the confidentiality of information.

The Institute has the following in-house facilities to carry out its functions effectively:

  • Composing and Printing: The Institute has in-house facility for composing of tests and a modern state of the art Printing Press. Both these areas being highly sensitive are under continuous surveillance through CCTV cameras.

    The Institute has been handling voluminous work of printing.  It has printed over 20 million test booklets, each of about 12 – 48 pages, during 2010-2011.  In addition, the printing of around 30 million Call Letters and Information Handouts was completed during this period.

  • Electronic Data Processing: Soon after the examinations are over, the EDP division evaluates the answer sheets and processes the results. The answer sheets are scanned using high speed Optical Mark Readers (OMR). OMR technology works as position based data capture.

    The EDP infrastructure is also used for online application processing and online exam result processing.

  • Online Unit: The online unit provides technical support for acceptance of online applications from the candidates and is involved in designing customized online tests for clients. Client organizations, having realized the benefits of online testing, appreciate this mode as it is fast, fair, accurate and free from breach of secrecy and malpractices.

    The online unit of the Institute has the capacity to handle more than one lakh registrations in a day. The Institute can conduct online examinations in more than sixteen locations in India concurrently in a single session. The Institute has also conducted various online promotion examinations.

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